Mechanical gaming keyboards are some of my favorites, thanks to their premium metal construction, long-lasting nature, RGB lighting, customizable and programmable keys, and more. But the absolute best feature in my opinion is that satisfying click-clack sound the keys make as I type quickly. I’m not normally a fan of ASMR, but the noise of a super loud mechanical keyboard is music to my ears.

That’s why I’m on the hunt, looking through Prime Day deals for the best gaming keyboard at a great price. And that mechanical sound is the most important factor in all this quest. I want a mechanical bite so loud that it immediately alerts my co-workers to me entering some work while I’m in a meeting. I want to annoy my friends so badly that they mute me on Discord chat.

In other words, a gaming keyboard that sounds identical to the old-fashioned typewriters you see seasoned journalists frantically typing.

Of course, there are many other features that are important to me, like having a numeric keypad or wider keys for my bigger fingers. But if the keyboard isn’t singing, it might hit the road.

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Today’s best gaming keyboard deals

After rounding up the keyboards currently on sale on Amazon Prime Day, I narrowed my choices down based on a number of factors. First, how loud and distinct are the keys? Second, the aesthetics, as I’m a simple woman who loves bright, colorful things and I need a fun backlight. Preferably RGB that changes and changes places. Third, the size needs to be big enough that the keyboard can fit on a numeric keypad and give the keys some breathing room. And fourth, the price! As much as I want that clicky clack of high quality surround sound, I’m not willing to pay more than $100 for the honor.

With these four criteria met, I chose the ultimate keyboards that could satisfy my hyper-specific needs. And funny enough, one of them isn’t technically a mechanical keyboard, but it makes the same sounds as one, so I put it on the list. These are my rules, after all!

And in the end, I opted for two keyboards: the MSI Vigor GK30 (opens in new tab) which is very easy on the budget and fits pretty much all criteria without being an “official” mechanical keyboard, and the Roccat Vulcan 100 (opens in new tab)which fits almost all of my criteria and is aimed at my more hardcore gaming needs.

Regardless, once these babies arrive in the mail, I’ll be in my paradise for years to come.

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