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Shall we talk about cameras next? A few things here to go by, so hang on. The iPhone 14 and 14 Max are set to continue with two 12MP snappers on the rear, used to capture ultra-wide and ‘normal’ snaps.

I predict the ultra-wide camera will get the macro mode that is present on the current iPhone 13 Pro Max – currently the hardware is similar on the iPhone 13 models, but the cheaper phone can’t capture close-up shots like Pro phones can.

It’s unclear exactly why this happens, but it’s certainly annoying – the macro mode is pretty good, as you can see below.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

I took this photo, and I’m really terrible at photography. Thank you iPhone. (Image credit: )

Where the iPhone 14 Pro Max is likely to shine is in image quality if the 48 MP camera happens.

Apple has been taking great photos with 12MP sensors for years, so a jump to 48MP should come with clear improvements – I predict it will be in both sharpness and the ability to shoot in 8K too, which would be a real boon for filmmakers.

iPhone 13 Pro in pink

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Let’s all back off and roam down rougher rumor paths now, where we ‘investigate’ the leaks in the new iPhone 14 colors.

This is much more shaky ground, because leaks are often rampant in construction, but have often proven to be false, so what we “know” so far might be total nonsense, to use a heavily British phrase.

This is what it’s been rumored to be: the iPhone 14 Pro range will drop the green and Sierra Blue options (which would be awful, as blue looks great) and will replace it with a purple option.

The iPhone 14 models will continue with white, black, red and blue, will miss the pink and green options, and will also come in hard with a purple offer.

The basis of this rumor arises from a posting on the Chinese social network Weibo (opens in new tab) that has since been deleted, so read what you will – it’s from a few months ago too, so even if it was true then, everything could have changed now.

Close-up of the iPhone 13 Pro notch.

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Let’s break down (briefly) the question of how the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro might differ – there’s a lot more there – and talk about a key update that could help offset the cost of the new 14 Pro: bigger storage.

A June note from research firm Trendforce predicts that the iPhone 14 Pro will start at $1,099, but will include 256GB of storage to start, rather than the 128GB offered for the 13 Pro.

Both will still have up to 1TB of storage, but for the ‘average’ professional to have that extra capacity built in, allowing you to create more 8K video (if that ever happens) will be a huge benefit.

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Maybe the A15 will disappear after all – I just came across an interesting idea of ​​a sometimes correct leaker talking to Forbes (opens in new tab).

LeaksApplePro has suggested that the iPhone 14 will come with an A16 Bionic chipset – but it will be a rebranded A15, and the iPhone 14 Pro will come with an ‘A16 Bionic Pro’ chip.

Now, Apple has precedent here: the S6 chip in the Apple Watch 6 has essentially been rebranded as the S7 for the Watch 7, albeit with faster charging capabilities.

Would Apple do something so bold with the iPhone 14? This brand has gone to great lengths to say just how powerful silicon is, and going over that with a small update would be a big change.


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While we’re on the subject, one of the strongest (and most believable) changes for Apple this year is that the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models (and related Max devices) will have different chipsets.

The new iPhone 14 will have the A15 Bionic chipset, where the iPhone 14 Pro will have the A16 and probably a little more RAM inside.

While you might see this as Apple making the iPhone 14 worse (and I suppose it is, given that up until now all iPhones have always had the best CPU), I see this as a good thing to help consumers decide.

Because while the Pro line is always marketed to high-powered creatives and people who need a lot of energy, in reality they are popular because they are the best iPhone.

So making it clearer that the Pro range really is the phone for the pro – just like the MacBook Pro vs MacBook – will simplify the choice for many.

However, that brings us back to pricing – unless Apple keeps the iPhone 14 costing the same as the iPhone 13, because of a similar mechanism, it won’t be fair to the customer.

Sure, make the iPhone 14 Max more expensive than the iPhone 13 mini – it’s bigger and all the larger components cost more – but otherwise, let’s expect parity.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

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OK, the next discussion is your friend and mine: the iPhone 14 Max.

I can’t say I was excited when I started hearing glimpses of this phone start to leak late last year, as it was the phone I’d thought Apple should make for years.

What is it? It’s the iPhone Pro Max without the Pro bit – so my expectation is that the 14 Max will have the A15 Bionic chipset inside (from 2021) and just two lenses on the rear, with the 14 Pro Max having the best of everything.

Wait! Don’t rule it out just yet – what I liked about using the 13 Pro Max is simply the battery life, and a larger 14 Max could have that without the cost of the Pro Max.

Sure, the best camera is a brilliant thing – and I have some wonderful shots of the 13 Pro Max – but in these more cost-conscious times, I think the 14 Max will be a winner.

That means we’ll see the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max – that’s a beautiful symmetry.

Man holding iPhone in hand

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We did a good review recently on the iPhone 14 release date – we’ll go over it here, because I have a good feeling about this one.

My prediction is that the iPhone 14 release date of will be september 13and then – regular like clockwork – on September 23th we’ll see it on store shelves.

I can say this because I’ve attended every physical iPhone launch since the iPhone 6, many years ago – and they’ve always been close to my birthday. The September 6 release date doesn’t match this, so it has to be the following week.

I once complained to a fellow journalist that I always had an interrupted birthday because of the iPhone launch, and he looked at me sadly and told me that he had missed the entire day of his 40th birthday because he crossed the date line and the day just disappeared to come to an iPhone launch.

I shut up after that.

iPhone 13 Pro Max lying on a table, face up, showing the home screen

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Speaking of live, we have just published an article that Apple does not expect any success in its orders for the new iPhone 14 line, despite the cost of living having risen so much in recent months.

With that, despite the 15% rise in price, Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has ordered 90 million units of its phones, clearly confident it can swap them throughout the year and not anticipating any slowdown in demand.

This is surprising and touches on something I’ll discuss in more detail later: the expected absence of the iPhone 14 mini. To keep orders at this level, which is supposedly in line with previous years, shows real confidence at this point – and means Apple must have new features that seem to resonate with consumers.

Apple event in September 2021

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Okay, let’s start with a live one: the price of the iPhone 14. Recently, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out some strong results from one of the iPhone vendors, stating that they believed it would produce the vast majority of iPhone models.

That manufacturing company, Hon Hai/Foxconn, has suddenly boosted its financial outlook, prompting Kuo to confirm his belief that the iPhone will increase in cost by around 15%.

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What would that mean for you if you want to buy one of the new iPhone 14 models?

Based on whether Apple likes to keep iPhone prices ending at $49 or $99, I suspect the new iPhone 14 will start at $799 and the smaller iPhone 14 Pro will go up to $1,099. This is just a guess at this point – the ASP (average selling price) mentioned means it could be that Apple spreads the cost across the range to keep it balanced.

iPhone 4S screen edge

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Okay, so here we are – our first live, on-the-go dissection of some of the top rumors we’ve seen over the last week (and a handful of things we’re pretty confident we’ll see in the next month, based on the consistent leaks over the last year) .

I’ve written and covered iPhone releases since 2008, and one thing that’s clear is that since the iPhone 6, we’ve seen a lot more leaks of key elements of the phones in the run-up to launch, a lot more crying since the days of iPhone 4 being found in a bar (opens in new tab) and everyone’s losing their minds…