As the idea of ​​a metaverse and avatars are picked in other messaging apps, Whatsapp too looks to be interested in the same as well. According to a recent post (opens in new tab) by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will be integrating avatars into the messaging app. The blog post shows that the feature in development would work during video calls.

As seen in the screenshot, the UI for video calls has been tweaked to include a new button below the video. At this time, the report states that the feature is not enabled and that it’s in the early development phase. It has been mentioned that the app gets an additional section named the “Avatar Editor” which will allow using the avatars as stickers in chats. Instagram recently added this feature too.

We could speculate that the feature might work similarly to Apple’s Animoji. Since all of the flagship devices from the iPhone X onwards come with dedicated Face ID hardware, WhatsApp could leverage it to create the avatars on its own platform too. For Android devices, the messaging app would have to rely entirely on front-facing cameras.

(Image credit: WABetaInfo)

iOS users can create their own Memoji sets when setting up their avatars on iPhones. These are also available on WhatsApp through the stickers section. However, none of them can be used on the web interface or the desktop version of the app.

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