Snapchat, the long-standing mobile-only messaging app, has finally released a PC version called Snapchat for Web. However, it has one major flaw compared to Discord and other desktop-based messaging apps – you have to pay to use it now.

Just like the mobile original, Snapchat for Web will allow users to share snaps, chat in text chats and even video calls, but now they can also be done from a PC. Additionally, Snapchat’s iconic feature, which allows messages to be deleted after 24 hours, also returns.

However, while this all sounds great — especially for Snapchat users who want convenient new ways to access their favorite social media platform — Snapchat for Web is currently exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

Would you pay for Snapchat Plus? (Image credit: )

Snapchat Plus is a paid version of the messaging app that unlocks early access features for those willing to pay a monthly fee. It’s not the most expensive subscription on the market at just $3.99 / £3.99 / AU$4.89 a month, but it is infinitely more expensive than Discord and other free messaging services.